The Society Council

The Society Council are responsible for setting the corporate aims and objectives, the growth plan and the day to day operation of the Society. The members of the Council are all members of the Society.

Kay Purnell: Council Chair

Business Development Manager, Blatchford Clinical Services

Richard Handley

Managing Director, Care and Independence Systems Ltd

Diane Hargrove

Aexis Medical Product Manager, BES Rehab Ltd

Tracey Hellowell

Managing Director, Just Care Products Limited

Myrrdin James

Director, 3R Mobility

James Malcolm

Operations Manager, Ability Matters Technology Group

Kenneth Munro

Managing Director, W. Munro (Rehab) Ltd


All individuals involved with the administration and or management of the Society are bound by the conflict of interest policy:Conflict of Interest Policy Aug 2016.pdf


All meetings of the Society governance functions are minuted. A redacted version of meeting minutes will be available for viewing. If you require this please send your request to for a copy.