Registrant Members - CPD

It is anticipated that Registrant Member status will be formally launched early 2017, however, please note that this is subject to the ongoing process of applying to the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) accredited registers programme.

The proposed process guidance for Registrant members: Proposed Registrants CPD guidance- Sept 2016.pdf

It is important that you keep your knowledge up-to-date and develop your skills so that you can deliver the best service possible for your customer, colleagues and employer. It is expected that Registrant Member’s will be required to maintain a minimum of 6hours of CPD spread over a 12 month period.


CPD stands for Continual Professional Development and is the method of recording and monitoring the skills, knowledge and experience that you gain from undertaking your work. A record of the CPD activity you have undertaken will be requested by the Society randomly within a three year period, from the date of your election to Registrant Member status. This will be done by completing the CPD annual skills and training review sheet.

To help you record your training and learning activity, the Society recognises the following 9 categories:

  • In-company development and business skills    max 4hrs

  • Product training                                              max 4hrs

  • Customer understanding                                 max 2hrs

  • Short training courses and workshops               max 6hrs

  • Formally accredited courses                             max 6hrs

  • Imparting knowledge                                       max 2hrs

  • Conferences and exhibitions                             max 2hrs

  • Personal reflection                                           max 2hrs

  • Professional body events.                                 max 2hrs


The categories and maximum hours attributed to them will be explained in detail in published guidance documents. CPD isn’t just about attending training courses. There are lots of potential sources of CPD which can be;



  • Reading specialist trade magazines and press can provide interesting and relevant articles about new technologies, new methods of working and changes of legislation

  • Writing articles for peer reviewed publications


At work:

  • Attending meetings where new methods of working are discussed and implemented

  • Chairing meetings relevant to your work

  • Work shadowing and job-swapping with colleagues

  • Training new members of staff

  • Mentoring new members of staff

  • Deputising for your manager

  • Taking on a new role and new responsibilities

  • Networking and attending seminars

  • Learning from accidents at work

  • Attending trade shows, talking to members/customers and attending seminars

  • Talking to the customer – what do they want and need?

  • Reviewing feedback from your manager – appraisals, meeting performance targets etc.

  • Reviewing feedback from your customers – feedback forms, comments boxes etc.


Outside work:

  • Voluntary work

  • Networking and seminars

  • Training not specifically related to your role, but providers you with skills that can be used in your role

Training courses:

  • Attending in-house training courses at work

  • Attending external training courses hosted by other companies