Members - CPD

CPD stands for Continual Professional Development and is the method of recording and monitoring the skills, knowledge and experience that you gain from undertaking your work.

Why record this?

The Society needs to ensure that you are keeping your skills and knowledge up-do-date. This is because members of the public, as well as your fellow colleagues, need to feel confident that when they engage your services or work alongside you that they are working with someone who knows what they are doing.

Whether you are providing advice, assessing needs, installing or repairing a product a customer or colleague trusts that your knowledge and skills are relevant, that any advice you provide is accurate, that any work you undertake complies with relevant legislation and codes of practice.

The Professional Competencies

To aid you in this endeavor, the Society recognises a set of core professional competencies related to the following common job roles within the assistive technology sector: Advisor, Assessor and Technical.

The competencies are outlined in the following document:H&AT Soc professional competencies.pdf

Thinking about the training and learning that you have undertaken will help you identify what you’re good at and also identify what skills and knowledge may need further development.

There are no minimum hours of CPD activity required as a member, we trust that you will maintain your skills and knowledge throughout the year as required for your role. This will not be the case for Registrant Member status and guidance will be published regarding this when the Registrant Member status is launched.

Within a three year period of joining the Society you will be randomly selected to submit evidence of your CPD, this process will be repeated on a three year cycle. To aid you in this process a skills and training review sheet has been created to help you log what you do. This form should be completed annually to ensure an accurate and up-to-date record is maintained. Member Skills and Training Review Sheet.doc

Please ensure you read through the published guidance before completing the form: Member CPD guidance - April 2016.pdf