The Board

The Board

The Society Executive Team is composed as follows:

  • The Director General of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA)
  • A nominated member of the BHTA Board
  • The Chair of the Society Council
  • A current Registrant Member of the Society

The Executive Team is the strategic decision making function of the governance structure, setting KPI’s and the strategic business plan in addition to  managing the Secretariat.

Key responsibilities of the Executive Team

  • to set the corporate KPI’s for the Society, to be reviewed every 3 years
  • to draft and endorse the strategic business plan
  • to receive and review annual financial reports, including profit and loss
  • to ensure adequate finance is made available to allow the day to day management of the Society and aid it in meeting its strategic aims and objectives
  • to ensure that sufficient resource is made available, including personnel and ICT, to allow the Society to carry out its duties and responsibilities effectively
  • line management of the Secretariat
  • to advise the Advisory Board and Society Council, when consulted, concerning strategy, operations and financial activities

All individuals involved with the administration and or management of the Society are bound by the conflict of interest policy:Conflict of Interest Policy Aug 2016.pdf


All meetings of the Society governance functions are minuted. A redacted version of meeting minutes will be available for viewing. If you require this please send your request to for a copy.